Using The Bert Transmission

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How-To Use A Bert Transmission
  1. When the two shift levers are parallel to each other the car is in neutral.
  2. The lever nearest the transmission is low and high gear. Forward is low gear, back is high gear.
  3. The outside lever is for reverse. Moving the lever forward engages reverse.
  4. The clutch pedal only operates low and reverse.
  5. High gear is direct drive.
  6. To move the car:
    • First put the transmission into low or reverse gear.
    • Push the clutch pedal until the car begins to move.
    • While driving around hold firm enough pressure to prevent the clutch from slipping.
    • Do not use the clutch unnecessarily. The less you use the clutch the longer it will last. Loading the car onto the trailer, driving in and out of the garage, packing in a dirt track, etc. All of these will prematurely wear out the clutch.
  7. Getting into high gear:
    • Get the car moving in an open area or out on the track.
    • Reach a speed of about 20 MPH or a point where you feel the car will continue to roll if you let off the gas. Note the rpm.
    • Let off both the clutch and the gas pedals.
    • Low gear in the transmission is 2:1. High gear is 1:1. When the rpm reaches half of what it was previously when you let off the pedals, shift into high gear. NOTE: When the engine is at 4000 rpm in low gear, it will need to be at 2000 rpm in high gear.
    • Resume the throttle.

    *IMPORTANT* Dog Teeth Transmission If you miss the gear - do not force the gear or rev up the engine. Allow the car to slow down until you get back into low gear and try again. Forcing the lever can bend the shift fork.

  8. To push start the car.
    • Make sure to use Racing Gear (high gear) "Not Low Gear". You will damage the clutch!
    • Get pushed off just like the Sprinters.
Last Edited Nov 5th, 2007