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Zex Installation Instructions for "Dry" LT1 Nitrous System 82018

Installation instructions for the ZEX™ 82018 LT1 "dry" Nitrous System including wiring diagrams, plumbing diagrams, bottle mounting tips and jet/hp chart.... (more)

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Two and Three Step Modules

The MSD Two Step, PN 8739, Three Step, PN 8737, and Launch Control, PN 8735, Module Selectors allow you to switch between two or three different rpm or retard modules. The different modules are activated when 12 volts are applied to the corresponding wire. They must be used with an MSD component equipped with a rev control or timing control module.... (more)

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VP113 Racing Fuel Tech Bulletin

VP113 represents a true technological breakthrough offering substantial power gains at a competitive price. Technology transfer played a major role in this fuel, given its origins in the motorcycle market. Motorcycle engine builders are ahead of the curve in many facets of engine technology and all the major factory teams have looked to VP over the last decade to develop racing fuels for optimum performance in motocross and road racing. While very successful in generating maximum power in... (more)

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What Happens When I Advance/Retard My Camshaft or Change The Lobe Separation Angle

Should you advance or retard your cam timing? Find out what actually happens to your torque and power curves before you make the change.Going to have a camshaft custom ground? Use this article to make the right choice for lobe separation angle.... (more)

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Zex Installation Instructions for Turbo Nitrous System 82218

Installation instructions for the ZEX™ 82218 Turbo Nitrous System including wiring diagrams, plumbing diagrams, bottle mounting tips and jet/hp chart.... (more)

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Most Frequently Asked Questions about VHT

What are application instructions for VHT Brake Drum, Caliper & Rotor Paint? Surface Preparation: For maximum adhesion start with a clean, dry, grease free surface. Spray VHT SP-11 Brake Cleaner and Degreaser liberally over the area to be painted. Scuff any rusted or glossy surface with a Steel Wool or a 3M Scotch Brite pad™. Wipe stubborn areas with a dry clean cloth, spray again with cleaner and let dry. Mask Area and Wipe Surface Clean: To protect from over spray, mask and cover... (more)

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Installing An MSD 10 Ignition Control

This section covers the MSD 10 Ignition Control. The MSD 10, PN 7500, is a race only ignition system and is unique in that it incorporates two ignition coils. The MSD Pro Power Coil, PN 8201, is the coil responsible for the Capacitive Discharge side of the ignition while the Pro Power Coupler Coil, PN 8209R, is a high performance inductive coil. The coils run in parallel sending two sparks that work as one. The CD is responsible for ionizing the spark plug gap, then the current from both... (more)

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Motorsports has been a way of life for George and Jackie Bryce for more than 30 years. Now the couple, who owns Star Racing Inc., in Americus, Ga., is working towards taking their involvement in the sport to an entirely different level. The Bryces recently announced plans to build a $12 million motorsports facility in Americus, Georgia. The plan is to build the Americus Motorsports Complex on 449 acres of land located across the street from South Georgia Technical College and the... (more)

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