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Troubleshooting Mallory Point Distributors

The following are some basic steps to take when troubleshooting a Point Style Distributor. Of course, the first thing that should be checked is the condition of the cap and rotor, looking for carbon tracking or corrosion on the terminals or where the plug wires connect. Also check the spark plug wires with an Ohmmeter to insure they have the proper resistance. If there is no trigger signal to the coil If the box powers up but does not fire the coil and the white wire is being used as... (more)

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Installing The MSD Boost Timing Master

The Universal Boost Timing Master, PN 5462, is a Timing Control and ignition enhancer in-one. It allows you to adjust the timing up to 15 as the boost pressure of the turbo or supercharger increases. It also increases the stock inductive ignition spark energy and voltage creating a powerful spark to completely ignite the fuel mixture. The Universal BTM connects to most single coil factory and aftermarket ignition amplifiers and points style distributors. It can also be used as a stand alone... (more)

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Zex Installation Instructions for "Wet" Nitrous System 82021 for 4 and 6 Cylinder

Zex installation instructions for the 82021 4 and 6 cylinder "wet" nitrous systems. Includes pictures.... (more)

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Red Line Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluids

Red Line Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluids are designed to provide excellent low-temperature shiftability and improved thermal stability. The products identified as Synthetic ATF, Synthetic D4 ATF, Synthetic D6 ATF,and Synthetic C+ ATF have better thermal stability and lower volatility characteristics than a petroleum ATF and provides a much lower viscosity at lower temperatures, providing much quicker shifting in cold weather. The balanced frictional characteristics provides smooth... (more)

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PBIR Prepares For Major Nitro Test

Palm Beach International Raceway will be hosting the inaugural Pro Winter Warm-up Friday February 4 and Saturday February 5 at the quarter-mile, all-concrete championship drag strip. The winter warm-up will be professional drag racing's biggest preseason testing event and the only opportunity for drag racing fans in South Florida to see the sport's biggest names. "A number of professional drag racing teams have used our facility to test in the past few years but this year... (more)

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Lakewood Bellhousing Alignment Procedure

Due to manufacturers' machining tolerances of engine blocks in relationship to dowel pin location, it is quite possible for the crankshaft centerline and bellhousing bore to be misaligned. With the transmission installed in a misaligned condition, several problems can occur, such as pilot bearing and main shaft bearing wear, difficulty in shifting, and in extreme cases breakage of transmission gears and cases. While most housings will fall within the allowable limits, it is good insurance to... (more)

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VP113 Racing Fuel Tech Bulletin

VP113 represents a true technological breakthrough offering substantial power gains at a competitive price. Technology transfer played a major role in this fuel, given its origins in the motorcycle market. Motorcycle engine builders are ahead of the curve in many facets of engine technology and all the major factory teams have looked to VP over the last decade to develop racing fuels for optimum performance in motocross and road racing. While very successful in generating maximum power in... (more)

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Shane Clanton becomes first three-time winner at frigid Ice Bowl

In the 20 years that the Ice Bowl has been staged at Talladega Short Track, no one on Sunday could recall a super late model race that went the entire 50 laps without somebody wrecking or spinning out. But the marquee event at the one-third mile dirt track's biggest race of the year was caution-free. And that was just fine with World of Outlaws veteran Shane Clanton. Clanton started on the pole and drove to his third Ice Bowl win, becoming the only driver to win the prestigious race... (more)

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