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MSD Ignition Coil Compatibility Chart

This PDF chart by MSD Ignition details the compatibility between a wide variety of ignition coils and MSD Ignition Controls.... (more)

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Holley 4150-4160 Exploded View and Nomenclature

An exploded view and parts nomenclture of the 4150/4160 model Holley Carbs.... (more)

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How to Degree Your Lunati Camshaft

The following is the method of degreeing a cam that Lunati Cams recommends. The first step in degreeing a cam is to obtain a few items that should be a prt of every serious engine builder's tool chest.... (more)

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Installing The MSD Boost Timing Master

The Universal Boost Timing Master, PN 5462, is a Timing Control and ignition enhancer in-one. It allows you to adjust the timing up to 15 as the boost pressure of the turbo or supercharger increases. It also increases the stock inductive ignition spark energy and voltage creating a powerful spark to completely ignite the fuel mixture. The Universal BTM connects to most single coil factory and aftermarket ignition amplifiers and points style distributors. It can also be used as a stand alone... (more)

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Can I run a HILBORN mechanical fuel injector on a street car?

No. Our mechanical fuel injectors are manufactured strictly for racing applications. Since the mechanical castings are designed for maximum air flow and do not have a metering system for low speed operation, they are not recommended for street use. However, the newer electronic fuel injection (EFI) kits will operate and perform extremely well on the street, and are recommended for street rods as well as drag racing. Please see Electronic System Support. NOTE: Our products are not legal... (more)

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Hand Held Programmer/Monitors for MSD Programmable Ignition

For racers that do not use a PC to program their Programmable Digital Ignition Components, MSD offers two Programmer Monitors. These provide total programming control and feature an LCD monitor screen with push buttons for editing the programs.... (more)

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Zex Installation Instructions for 2005-07 Ford Mustang GT High Output Nitrous System 82242

Installation instructions for the ZEX™ 82242 2005-07 Ford Mustang GT High Output Nitrous System including wiring diagrams, plumbing diagrams, bottle mounting tips and jet/hp chart.... (more)

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Lunati 4340 Crankshaft Features

Lunati's big block and small block Chevy crankshafts are forged from the finest 4340 aircraft quality certified steel. The 4340 alloy steel meets aircraft cleanliness and purity standards. Our exclusive non-twist design allows for continuous granular flow, producing a crankshaft with a higher cycle bending fatigue over the twisted forging version. DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS The specifications during manufacturing are of the highest Lunati standards. For racing use, it is necessary... (more)

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